Protex International

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL, an independent chemical group established in 1932 is a French, 100 % private Paris based company, which is financially independent and intends to stay that way,

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL is a medium-sized independent company with a turnover of more than $125.5 million US. Its business is to develop, produce and market chemical and biochemical specialties for manufacturers in the chemical and other industries through a large number of subsidiaries.

Since it was first established, PROTEX INTERNATIONAL has been able to maintain a strategy of commercial, technological, geographical diversification and growth.

PROTEX INTERNATIONAL strongly reinvests its profits into Research & Development in order to sustain its medium and long-term strategies   without having to depend on shareholders anxious for immediate profitability. Thus, it reassures customers who are looking for an independent and stable source of supply.

Its capacity of innovation and its broad spectrum of know-how (synthesis, polymerization,  formulation and process development) give to PROTAVIC a great flexibility in its strategy of development of high performance products and materials.

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